8 Important Tips For Brewer

brewer tips

Brewer earns his bread by making beer. Brewery where the beer is made, can be of different sizes. For example, using a mini-brewery, you can make this popular intoxicating drink in the kitchen. So it’s easier to feel all the brewer who it is. Nowadays there are a great number of brewers, operating at individual entrepreneurship. This is a very profitable enterprise, depending on the quality of manufactured products, in full compliance with recipes and instructions of the drug used.
In order to be a brewer, it would seem that such an easy profession, you must possess a number of knowledge: from the instructions for making and ending biochemistry. So if you are a chemist with extensive experience and good chemist cover letter that you have great opportunities and prospects in this field.It is difficult to immediately answer plainly brewer who it is. After all, a specialist in this area covers several areas. Activities brewer is based on self-giving expert. At the beginning of the work will be enough to possess the necessary theoretical knowledge, which are fixed a little in practice.
Necessary qualities brewer profession are:

  • Reliability;
  • A responsibility;
  • Good sense of taste and smell;
  • Lack of dependence on alcohol;
  • commitment;
  • Absence of allergy to beer and its constituent components.
  • The specialist must know all the methods of brewing and to be able to implement them, as well as be able to evaluate the manufactured products.
  • It requires fluent knowledge of biochemical processes and productive skill chemical analysis of the material used and the finished product.

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Tips For Brewer

1. Purity – the key to success.

Perhaps the most important rule of the home brewer. The net should be any – brewery fermentation vessel, for filling bottles, the stirring blades wort. Immorality will lead to the fact that you risk instead of flavored lager get liquid with a sour taste.

Remember: disinfection of equipment – a mandatory ritual before each cooking. For disinfection can use different agents: hydrogen peroxide, alcohol (head). All of them are perfectly cope with the task.

2. Use good quality water

Choosing the right water is very important, not just in brewing, but also in moon shining and wine making. Water – the basis of any drink, it should be clean, soft and without unwanted impurities in the composition.

Under such parameters suitable spring or bottled water. The second can be found in the local supermarket, so be sure to opt for it.

3. Follow the rules for storage of beer ingredients

According to the rules, yeast and hops must be stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator at 0 ° C. Once you get hold of them, let them soak for a while at room temperature.

The yeast should be about the same temperature as the wort. If the difference is too large, the yeast can simply not start.

4. Do not shake the wort during fermentation

For proper fermentation of beer it is very important to choose a suitable location for the fermentation tank. On it, the ambient temperature must not fall light should be in the range 18-23 ° C (ale) and 10-12 ° C (camp).

And most importantly – in the fermentation time, do not touch the container! Do not move it and shake. Any movement can disrupt the natural course of fermentation and lead to unpredictable consequences.

5. Maintain the terms of beer fermentation, be patient

They are generally about 2 weeks (depending on the type of yeast). The question arises: “What do realize that beer fermentation is complete?”.

The easiest way – to taste. If present in the taste of sweetness, fermentation is not yet complete. If you feel no bitterness characteristic of sweetness, then the fermentation is completed. Back to the secondary signs include subsidence froth, which occurs during the beer fermentation.

6. Fraction malt correctly

If the grind malt is wrong (to grind into flour), it can lead to problems with its filtration during cooking. Fines Score filter bazooka cells, which is why the whole party may suffer.

Grind malt with special mills or grinders in order to avoid such problems. These devices can perform the correct grinding without damaging the shell, which is very important for the quality of extraction of useful substances.

7. Do aerated wort

Once the wort is cooked, it must be sent to fermentation. But after cooking it is too little oxygen, which is so necessary for the proper fermentation of the yeast. It requires additional oxygen to saturate the wort. You can, for example, to add water, but dilute the congestion and reduce the density of the wort. The ideal option is to saturate the wort with oxygen – use household pumps.

8. Be sure to rinse the equipment after cooking

Rinse the brewery, etc. participated in the preparation of beer equipment with a solution of warm water and detergent after each cooking. Brewery store disassembled in a dry place to avoid the appearance of pathogenic bacteria in the field brewery interface elements.

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